Sunday, December 17

Be Creative! Live Your Life to The Full!

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         Do you have a lot of ideas but you feel as if something just stops you from expressing yourself ? Why not standing out from the rest ? Why not starting a whole new life ?The power to do this lies in you! You just have to discover it!

         The process of creativity involves original, unique ideas and thoughts and then producing. Creative souls tend to think outside the box!

         History.The concept of creativity started in the Renaissance period.Renaissance men had a sense of freedom, independence, creativity and sought to give voice to this sense.A Polish poet was the first man to apply the word “creativity”. From the longlist of thepersonalities who are renowned for their creativity,Leonardo da Vinci is definitely to be mentioned because of his numerous creative works.

         Creative people are very appreciated and creativity is of vital importance if they work in advertising, in entertainment area as talented artists, performers, actors, or if they work as painters, designers and so on. Still, you don’t need to have one of these jobs in order to demonstrate how artistic and creative you really are! All you need is a little motivation and some self-confidence!

         Sometimes ordinary can mean EXTRAordinary! Yes, this is very true! Ordinary people can become much happier by making some little changes in their lives. Sometimes, we all wish we were more confident, more willing to express ourselves freely without taking into consideration other people’s views about us. Because other people do some things in a particular way, that doesn’t mean you have to! You deserve to feel special! Just dare to let other  people know about your ideas and put them into practice!

         For instance, just because the main majority of people choose to dress in a particular way, buy things that are on fashion, things that maybe are too expensive, that doesn’t mean you have to! Dare to be different! If you feel that wearing funky clothes or, why not, clothes designed by yourself suit you best, then you should do like your heart tells you! You can be a little artist by taking a pair of scissors, some buttons or some handmade accessories. No matter what you do start using your imagination!

   Create! Be Unique! Dare to be different and start leading a remarkable life!


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