Monday, December 11

I Sam 16-17: 5 Lessons For Christains From The Life OF David

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Here are a few lessons we can learn from the life of David on growing up to become King

He was chosen and anointed by God:

Height looks and background has nothing to do with being chosen by God. The heart is the most important thing here. Work on your heart. As Gods choice, you will never be substituted. David was not substituted but waited for by Samuel and anointed when he returned from tending his father’s sheep. There is no limitation any one can place before you that can prevent God from choosing you.

David was a very skillful man and was recommended to minister to Saul in Music

David was diligent and knew what he was doing. Many Christians have a tendency to leave everything to God and not do their part. If you are a student, you should study and not spend all you time in prayer or vigils. David had worked on his ability and was recognized as such. Skillfulness requires diligence, patience and paying attention to details. From the psalms, you can see how skillful David was. Are you creative in what you do….have you mastered your art with diligence and handwork?

David was a man of War

He was brave and not intimidated. He was a man of faith. We today as Christians face war like David did. We are at war with the evil one. You’ve got to be brave. Our prayers should not spring out of intimidation or fear. One of the things the devil does is to try to make us afraid. David was brave, he went after the lion and the bear that cam eat his sheep with boldness. Our won sheep may be our career or any other thing, the devil may try to attack, and we should fight back with courage and boldness in the name of the Lord. Without those battles, David would have remained a Shepard boy.

David didn’t use untested amour:

David was prudent in speech:

He was a skillful communicator. He spoke and wrote well. He was able to explain himself clearly and confidently. He testified to God’s goodness and confessed the positively. Many people today are only full of stories of woes, when they show up you should avoid them or they will dampen your spirit.

David was an amour bearer

You must be God’s amour bearer. You must protect his world from attack and work for him. You must minister to God through praise and worship, giving and service in his house.


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