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Life Lessons

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Life Lessons

The fulfillment of life’s experiences, there are many issues,  and, obstacles in a person’s life,  that sometimes it can be difficult to endure.

To expect your goals to be achieved, to love and to be loved back. Not many people are loved back by their partners as should be, love can be temporary, you grow with love and sometimes things do change.

You care for someone, but, that is not shown toward you, when you care for a person, the same problem arises, these are a learning opportunities.  It doesn’t always work  both ways,  life can be unfair, at least,  you would feel that way,  when, what you do is not taken into consideration, or noticed,

When feelings,  are shown, it is sometimes a one-sided issue, you may love your partner, but you partner doesn’t show interest, it could be an infatuation, or lust.   This you learn from life.   To trust someone is to be sincere, and, honorable to that person, as it takes you a life-time to gain the trust, but, in seconds,  it can be destroyed, though you think it is all okay, but trusting someone is hard work.

Responsibilities,  to take charge of your life, and, be able to control situations,  in making your own decisions, and face up to challenges.  Your family history, reflects who you are now, but your capabilities, for the future is to discover a new life, and, you learn from other people too.

When you experience anger, be calm and not cruel, to your loved ones or any other persons, by inflicting danger, try to take control of your actions.  This is  part of your emotions, and, try to be easy in understanding the issues of life.

As you get older, this is a sign of maturity, not about how many birthdays you have had, but, it is about your whole life, which  has just been an experience.   To live on this earth, you can’t escape the good, bad, and the evil, you are either in the circle, or, non existent.

Try to forgive your friend, if you have been hurt by this person, and, remember that nobody is perfect.   When you project yourself as a child,  when an adult, this is a learning experience. It is how you feel about life at that point in time. The way you project yourself in the presence of others are important.

Time is needed for love, trust and for other people. This happens  when you grow into this change of life.  To feel, be happy, crying, joy and anger, is what makes us human, an event  held, or a book read, and, laughter has a great effect on us.   To observe your surroundings, be a simple person and stable,  this is one of the facts  about life.

When something bad happens, you  feel, that it shouldn’t have  occurred, but, without the good or bad, you can’t experience life to the fullest.    If you are not sure of something in life, it looks like you are not much of a person with the required intelligence,   and, this becomes your fear in life. When you hesitate and not sure of your decision, an insecure approach is shown.

You, should  take note that,  what you are searching for is right in front of you, don’t look for something,  that is not in your reach, you may not get that far, and, you will forever regret it. Be watchful on what you do, or it would lead to failure.  Your life is a memory to you, from  a young age till the time you part this earth.    Do what you have to do,  as an opportunity,  is a once in a lifetime chance.   The first impression, does not always  have to be the best.  You should present yourself, in the way you choose to.

How do you see Life?

Try not to trust anybody, it is hard to see the people that do bad,  if you are a  gullible person, this will lead you in a wrong direction.  To be in this way, it is not good for you or your reputation.  If you have friends, make sure you observe them or do a background check,   this will allow you time for gaining their trust.

It is amazing,  of the kind of people that one comes into contact with.  From a friend of  a friend, and it forms this chain but, and, along the line, there is someone that can hurt you in some way.

To learn the lessons of life, it would take you a while to grasp all the information.  Forgiving is easy, but, forgetting is the hardest, you, tend to remember most of the bad, that you experienced than the good, your memory goes on.   To know someone is to live with the individual.  Find out more if your are not sure.

When you are older, you see life  from a different perspective.   The way you spend your days, sleeping habits, the plans in your life changes.   It becomes easy, and, a time for relaxing.    The way you enjoy yourself too,   you start meeting  people in your age group, and participate in sports with your friends, interest in new hobbies come into light.

Between the ages of twenty to thirty, you are sometimes childish, and think differently.  Life,  for you then may not be as serious, as you would see it, when your 40,  you learn more during this time, and, after time you think about facing reality, at this time your are mature and wise. Life’s lessons, are challenging, especially, if you have an  adventurous journey. 

For some it may be just travelling, while for others adventure is right in their suburb.   When you begin your life for the first time,  trying to build something for yourself,  is a new lesson to start of, by living independently.  During this  process, you have your battle and eventually, progress,  and off course remember the lesson you have learned, from your hard one to reaching your level of progress, and,  that by having a career, you can work through the system, that gets your life easy.  Be able to grow with success, it changes you, with happiness, but not as a person.

Meeting People

When you meet people at first glance.   You are not always sure of the person in many ways.

The layout, is sometimes a false one or a true one. To deal with people, like that  it must be a difficult issue, especially, if you  always have great expectations. The way, one should be,   is to the point from the start.

Knowing all the different kinds of people in the world, with the unique culture, and languages, that people speak, communication and understanding it is of vital importance.

There are many ways in which people appreciate each other. It can be from an acquaintance on the street, or to meeting people at social gathering, one should treat people the same. With a good deed, and be true about it, try not to be judgemental about others either.

Opinions of the different nations ,also, may not be as good as yours, don’t take it all to heart, you need to  enjoy being friends with people of your group or help others in need. To be sociable and learn more of friends or family, it is part of growing up.

People, inter-marry and are open to mingle with all nations. All new beginnings for each day, and, a new life for every one.  With good health, love, and happiness, and prayers, people have learnt to explore all times of life.

Life’s lessons are challenging when you are in contact with so many different people, some will accept you and others just look on.  Lessons are learned from simple things,  like helping the under-privileged, or by making other people’s lives easy in most ways. Get involved in organisations and form events.

Having to be successful in a marriage is,  also,  a lesson  in life.  A simple life,  is what holds most people at best.  You should plan your life after death, something worth talking about to your loved ones. 

Have an adventurous life, don’t waste your free-time. Life,  is not always easy, that is what makes it so precious. You got to acknowledge your strength and your weakness, this builds you into a strong person in both ways. At a time when you feel weak you will be positive, and feel strong, when you feel weakness, you will also feel love, and strength.

Do what you have to today, tomorrow is just an illusion. Try not to get old secrets out in the open, you may regret it for the rest of your life.  A lesson learned and not lived.  Be responsible, as you are responsible for all your actions.

 Life is not fair but can still be good. If your project didn’t work out the first time, try again there are other opportunities..  Life is too short to be bitter.  Learn to be debt free, you don’t need to live an unhappy life because of unpaid debts.

Make peace with your past, in this way you won’t stuff up your present life. In an argument,  don’t try to be a winner, you either agree or disagree.  Get to the point of your argument, so neither is hurt.

What you think will kill you when eaten, will only make you stronger.  Treat everyday as a special one, get rid of all clutter, you will be free of unwanted junk. Over prepare for functions and go with the flow.  No one can make you happy, you make yourself happy by focusing on what makes you laugh,  or of your interests.  Whatever you said bad to others will pass, time lets it go by. You only have one childhood,  so make the most of it. Don’t be serious, nobody is, so why the frown?  Try to be calm.

Get fresh air daily, it keeps feeling good.  Sunshine is boosts your immune system. Your life is a precious gift to you though it doesn’t come wrapped  with a bow, so take care of it.  Don’t be risky with what could be changed your life in seconds.  Don’t flood your mind with thoughts, you will appreciate life more from a bad experience, but,  you don’t have to wait for that  to show you the meaning of life.

If you think other people are lucky, it doesn’t mean you are not, people are lucky in their  own way. Don’t expect too much from life, it just causes disappointments if you have high expectations,  you only receive what you contributed.  Don’t help others by expecting something for it, it only happens when you least expect it to. You make things happen in your life,  no need to blame others for your actions. If you change your thinking, you will live better.  Don’t blame yourself for mistakes, it is only a bad mistake if you make it out to be one.

 Caring, courage, diligence, integrity, are aspects to deal with in life. Having to deal with pressure violence, conflicts, and understanding,  is not easy, in life.

You should be free to challenge,  and learn continuously, as humans,  are able to to adapt easily. There are new issues and problems in life, like anger, anxiety, enrichment, enlightenment, and fulfillment to be experienced, and, to enjoy the great gift,  ‘LIFE’

Keep in contact with your loved ones this is a way of  having a complete life.  Have daily naps, is important,  don’t miss out on resting in the day, you will be tired and not so functional. You do require a rest to relax from the day.

It is a waste of time to be jealous on other people, it makes you worry about something you won’t achieve.  You should pay attention to other issues of  importance. Why should you worry about other people?   The best toy to play with, when a child is the one you made or found. 

Selfishness,  people, is  when they  want it all.  Laziness,  is when you fail to attend to work and have no interest in activity  Greedy, a person that just wants more out of life, and, is not pleased with what is achieved.  Impatient, an individual, that wants it all to be done right away.  Ignorance, a person that ignores all information and thinks with the little knowledge knows it all.  Ambitious,  once you have great achievement, you want to go ahead with something better.

A lesson in life for most people.  Love,  and to be loved,  to show responsibility, to be neutral,  to experience life with obstacles and learn from mistakes, too.  What you think can be true, our learning keeps us from a life we deserve, if you know more about a certain subject, your knowledge deprives you from that issue, either good or bad.  You should focus on who you are, and what you are becoming, don’t bother about what should have been, and what was. Your first love experiences teaches you for your future relationships.  Your mother gave you,  your first life someone that should be most precious in your life, the purpose of life is happiness and love.  To love someone consciously is a possibility,  if the person has no idea of it, a learning time for you.   To be able to love someone and have a family.  To live and have new experiences, is a purpose of life. 


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