Thursday, December 14

Save Big Money On Flights

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Recently, I was trying to travel from Columbia, SC to Philadelphia, Pa and could not find a decent ticket price. I spent hours researching and pricing different airlines.  I felt like I wasn’t making any progress.  However, after some searching and implementation of the “basic” ticket purchasing techniques, I was able to make the round trip for $100. This brought about huge savings because my original cost was around $400. These are a few money saving techniques that i applied.

1. Be flexible in your flights time and dates. That is the easiest and best way to save money while traveling. It is all about supply and demand. When purchasing a ticket, you need to consider what time is the cheapest to fly. I chose to fly on Thursday and Sunday, which wasn’t a popular day for my flight.

2. Look into cheaper Airlines. Sometimes it is more expensive to fly with Delta, Airtran, and United. I got a cheap flight with Allegiant Air and it really made the difference. Spirit also has a new $10 flight club that can save bundles of money for the frequent flyer.

3. Finally, Watch the prices. The “best” times to buy tickets are usually Wednesday nights. Flight prices can easily change hourly. If you see the price you want to pay, then just buy the ticket because it may not be there later.  In my experience, I always wait for a ticket price to get lower and then it goes up. That is a very easy way to lose money.

By following these 3 simple tips, you can save hundreds of dollars on every flight.  I know some of us do not have the luxury of having cheap airlines but use them if they are available. Good luck with finding the best prices and be safe. 


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