Saturday, December 16

How to Get a Guy/girl

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We all know what it is like, u have a crush and u want it to turn into something more. But how do u make this happen? I have the answer. Many relationships start out as friends or just a glance across the room. I know what it is like to to have a crush and not do anything about it. If u want to get the guy/girl that u want listen to these tips

1) Always be honest

2) Have a smile on your face when u greet your crush

3) If u are shy try to step out of your safety zone and introduce yourself, if u r unbelievably shy go up with a friend, it can’t hurt

4) Talk about school or sports, many guys/girls like sports also music

5) if at a party day to the person, “so how do u know the host? or how do u know the person at the party?

6) My last tip is to be confident, confidence is contagious, the other person will feel this too 

Follow these simple tips and u and your crush will be speaking in no time, your crushes are probably as nervous as you are, remember that, they are people too and they have the same feelings that u do

There is always someone out there for everyone else, find that person and be happy

If these tips do not work than the person u r crushing on is probably not a nice person adn cannot appreciate u for who u r


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