Monday, December 18

Readbud Payment Proofs!

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I see many people are members of Readbud – the new, fabulous site which pays for reading and rating articles they offer. You could earn up to 20 cents per rating an article. “So, does the site really pay?”, you may ask. It’s a very good question for everyone to wonder about, as being scammed can be a very irritating and even traumatic experience.

Yeah, there’s no use for a site like that if they don’t pay, so I have gathered as many Readbud payment proofs as I could find. There are no certainly many of them. It’s indeed a little bit suspicious, but who knows if it’s just due to the fact that it takes so long to reach $50, so many people give up and never get paid. I have heard there is a waiting period of 30 days, and after that you will get paid. Please remember that when waiting for your payment(s) from Readbud.

I’m a member of Readbud myself, but I haven’t yet reached the payout – I need few more dollars in order to get paid. It will probably take some time as I can only get ten or less articles per day, worth of about 5 cents each.

If they really send me money I will update this article to add my payment proof here, as soon as possible.

Here is the Readbud payment proof list:

Payment Proof 1

Payment Proof 2

Payment Proof 3 (Youtube)

Payment Proof 4

I hope you find the above links interesting and informative. As previously said, I couldn’t really find more than four of them, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

Please note: The payment proofs are as they are, I’m not responsible about them and there’s no additional information available about them. They could be real, they could be forged but it’s up to you what to think about them. 


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