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Make a Ringtone

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How to Make a Ringtone

Part I: How to make a ringtone

Part II: Transferring your ringtone to your cell phone

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Part I:How to Make a Ringtone

If you are like most people, you are very unhappy with your ringtone selection but lack the knowledge to take matters into your own hands. Cell phone companies know this and have created a convenient way for you to pay $1.00 per ringtone. I don’t know about you but I don’t feel like I should have to pay for my ringtones especially when I already own the song I want to make into a ringtone. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make your own customized ringtone quickly and easily.

 The key is not to be intimidated, making a ringtone is one of those things you just have to do once and you got it.

 First things first you need to convert the song into the proper format so it will work with your phone. Let’s just assume for now the song is not on your computer and that we will be transferring it from a CD. Skip this step otherwise.

 From a CD:

  • Place a CD into your CDROM drive

  • Wait for it to open to Windows Media Player

  • Select RIP and leave checked the song you would like to work with

  • Click the Start RIP Button

Cutting the Ringtone:

In order to complete this next step you will need software. There are application s available to purchase but that would negate the purpose of this tutorial because our goal is to create free ringtones. With that said let me direct you to the free ringtone creator I use. It’s easy just click on this Make a ringtone link and fill out the registration form and become a member of MyCellSpot. Once you have completed the registration step logon and create your ringtone!

FYI: MyCellSpot allows you to download & create unlimited free ringtones and doesn’t charge membership fees.

Part II: Transferring Ringtones to your Cell Phone

 Support for your Phone:T-mobile Sprint Verizon Altel AT&T

iPhone Users

Converting MP3 ringtones into iPhone compatible format

  • Drag and drop MP3 into iTunes
  • Highlight your ringtone and choose advanced then create AAC version

  • Drag AAC version to your desktop

  • Open your Control Panel and select Folder Options
  • In folder options select the VIEW tab

  • Uncheck the box, Hide extensions for known file types and select ok
  • Right click and rename the file from .m4a to .m4r
  • Example: youringtonename.m4r

Send as text message

· Standard text messaging rates will apply plus an additional charge from the

Provider you are using.


For your iPhone

  • Locate the file in your ‘C’ Drive

  • Double click on the file, and iTunes will load it into your Ringtones folder.

  • Now, just sync your iPhone to your computer with the USB and the ringtone will load

  • Onto your phone.

For all other phones

Open the Start Menu at the bottom left hand side of your computer screen. Open

“My Computer” (or “Computer” if you are using Vista).

Under “Devices with Removable Storage” you will see an icon related to your phone.

Double-click to open and you will see all of the content that is saved on your phone.

You now have to find the folder that contains your phone’s ringtones. If you’re lucky,

it will be named something like “Ringtones,” but many times you may have to

manually search through the cell phone folders until you find the correct one.

Once you locate it, click and drag the ringtone file from your desktop to the folder on

your cell phone.

Transfer Using Bluetooth

Do I have Bluetooth?

If you are not sure whether or not your computer has blue tooth capabilities do the


Click your start menu

Right click on My Computer and choose properties

You should now be in device manager

Look through the various entries for your Bluetooth device

If you don’t have Bluetooth there are Bluetooth usb adapter’s available that are very

easy to install.

Syncing Computer to Cell phone Using Bluetooth

First off make sure you have your cell phone handy

Now click on the Bluetooth icon look down by your clock for an icon that looks like

the one below. If no icon exists visit your Control Panel and click the Bluetooth


Click on Add Wireless Device located on the top of your screen

You should see an icon for your cell phone Select it and Click next

**Be prepared to type a series of numbers into your cell phone

Select Create Pairing Code for me

Grab your cell phone and enter in the assigned pairing code into your cell phone

Be quick about it

After you have entered in the pairing code your cell phone should prompt you to

confirm the pairing request (or something to that effect)

If you don’t get it the first time its ok that’s what the try again button is for.

Transferring your Ringtone to your cell phone

Right click on your Bluetooth icon (look by your clock)

Select send file then select your cell phone icon again and hit next

Browse for your file and select next (your cell phone will ask you if you want to

exchange with your computer).


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