Monday, December 11

How to Block Any Web Page Without Any Program!

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There are a lot of programs which block you sites with adult content and generally deny your children to visit sites like these. Unfortunately, most of them are really “heavy” for your Operating System and especially for your Browser!

There is a very simple way to deny the access to some webpages from someone’s PC. It is as simple as this: Go to this directory with your file explorer: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\ In this directory search for a file named “HOSTS”and open it with notepad in order to edit it In this file find where it says localhost , and below it put the following:

And from now on this webpage will not be accessible from this PC in any way. There is a trick that you can access the web from the Windows Calculator, but, by this way your PC is denying every try of connection with this website. trick is useless in this case! In addition, you can add more than one webpage. To do so, put below

The only thing you have to add one to 127.0.0.X each time! Do not edit anything else in the C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\HOSTS file! It is very dangerous! If you change only the things I told you, then everything will work fine, but don’t change anything else! To allow access to these webpages again just remove them from HOSTS file. But be careful, if you have put

and you want to delete, then you must change to

All these operations are dangerous if you are not careful, so be very careful and DO NOT change anything else HOSTS file! Have fun!


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