How to clean up your computer temp files for free

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As you use your computer it stores temporary files, cookies, shortcuts to recently used documents and the last songs or videos played on your media players. Over time, these files can slow down your computers performance. When you use the tool in your browser by clicking on tools, internet options and delete browsing history in your internet browser, it only removes the path to those files. It does not really delete the files. There is a free software program you can download that will remove these files and you can choose to just overwrite the files or “wipe” them permanently so they cannot be recovered.

On the internet, go to and click on the tab labeled downloads, then search on ccleaner(not a mistype, ccleaner).

Download and install the program.

Double click on the CCLEANER icon on your desktop. Click on Cleaner and check the boxes that you want the program to clean. Then click on Analyze. It will find all the files it can safely delete.

Now click on Run Cleaner. That is all there is to it. You will probably notice a markedly improved performance on your computer.


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