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How to Get Grease Stains Out of Clothing

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The way you treat the garment will depend on the fabric the garment is made from and the colour. Delicate fabrics will require much more careful treatment.

If you are at home, then I would recommend that you immediately remove the item of clothing that has been stained. If you leave the stain, even for a few minutes, it will settle in to the fibres of the fabric and this will render it much more difficult or occasionally even impossible to remove.

Remove the garment and dampen the fabric with warm water (as warm as possible) apply a liberal amount of heavy-duty liquid washing detergent or dishwashing detergent directly to the affected area. Wash the garment immediately or as soon as you possible can in water that is as hot as the garment could withstand.

Of course, this solution is not always practical, for example, if you are out and get a grease stain on your clothes, you can’t just whip your top off!

If this is the case then you need to minimise the risk of too much grease settling into the fibres of the fabric. To do this, you need to get something to absorb as much of the grease as possible.

The best things to use to do this are absorbent tissues,kitchentowel, sponge or bread. It sounds strange, but bread is highly absorbent and will not do any harm to your clothes.

If you have wet wipes with you, then dab the stain gently after you have tried to absorb as much grease as possible, do not rub vigorously as you will simply be driving more grease into the fabric. Use gentle movements to try and pick up the residual grease.

However, if the stain appears to have set, don’t panic just yet, if the item can withstand being ironed, then there is still something you can do.

Get two pieces of greaseproof paper, the most effective kind that I have used are the oil absorbing papers that are designed for removing excess oil on the skin, these work perfectly.

Lay your garment down on the ironing board and place a piece (or however much you need to cover the stain) on the stain, one on top and one underneath.

Set the iron to a medium high setting and iron over the greaseproof paper using gentle, even movements.

You will see the grease and oil coming up from the fabric onto the sheet of paper, when the paper is saturated with grease, remove that sheet and replace it with another sheet and repeat the process until the stain has disappeared.

If it is a delicate garment that should not really be ironed directly, place the oil absorbing paper on the stain and place a tea towel or thin bath towel over the garment and iron over the towel and the stain. This will help to remove the stain, without damaging a delicate garment.


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