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Know Directx Version Installed in Your PC

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Directx is part of windows Operating System , its an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows game developers to include high technology gaming capabilities in your windows Operating System. This interface reduces the amount of code required in performing low level operations to control computer peripherals like mouse, joystick, audio and video in computer games designing.

 Directx is the generic name for the collection of earlier APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) starting with direct like DirectPlay, DirectSound, Direct3D,  DirectDraw, DirectMusic etc.

 Direct3D Application Programming Interface of directx family is most commonly used API for the development of video games for Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Xbox, and Microsoft Xbox 360.So, it is common to see the names “DirectX” and “Direct3D” used interchangeably. Direct3D is also used by other software applications such as CAD/CAM engineering.

Most common directx errors are result of incompatibility of version installed in your PC and specific one used in development. So you need to have that particular version or better one in order to run your game properly. Directx is backward compatible so if you are having newer version than the required one then its fine.

 To check directx version installed in your PC follow these simple steps Go to Start menu Click on Run. Type dxdiag and press enter. 

“Directx Diagnostic Tool” window will appear this reports detailed information regarding Directx components and drivers installed on your system. It lets you test functionality , Diagnose problems and change your system configuration to work best. 

At bottom of screen you can see your particular installed Directx version .

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