How to fight spyware and malware for free

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Why pay for great spyware protection when you can get it for free? Spybot Search and Destroy has been around for years and it is stable, dependable and free!

Spybot Search & Destroy has been around for a long time and with good reason. This anti-spyware and malware protection software  program has been a pioneer in the industry and offers excellent support and a host of community users from around the world to share knowledge and tips with. Not only do you have a very large network of users to discuss and share information, but you will come to enjoy the great team of folks at Safer Networking. The Safer Networking folks are the only company out there that I have found that actually share real information and has actual honest discussions about their products and what is going on in the world of computer security. The big boys like Mcafee and Symantec will never climb out the corporate towers and talk to their end users like normal human beings.

Spybot Search and Destroy is a product from Safer Networking Limited and operates out of Watson and Johnson Centre – Mill Road – Greystones – County Wicklow – Ireland.

Go to

Click on downloads
Click on antivirus, firewall & antispyware
Click on Spybot Search & Destroy
Download the program and install.

Check for updates and then click on the immunize button. The immunization feature uses methods inside your browser to block malware before it can embed in your computer. I also recommend using the Tea Timer feature that will prevent your system settings from being changed without your permission. Dont forget to check for updates once a week and run a scan.


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