How to have hair like Jada Pinkett Smith

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Ever wonder how celebrities look like that? Well here is one celebrity beauty secret that will have you looking good in no time.

Get on the internet and go to and click on Hair.
Click on Jada’s Dynamic Duo and read, learn and purchase. You will absolutley love all the Carols Daughter products. They are very natural and do not use paraben or mineral oil like a lot of the other so called high end beauty products.

Jada uses Lisa’s Hair Elixir and Hair Balm. This smells great and I have purchased it for my wife and she loves it.  Her hair is healthy, silky smooth and smells great.  You can buy it directly from this site or at some national retailers like Macy’s or Urban Skin Solutions.

Just put a little of the Elixir in the palm of your hand and gently massage it in each day. Your hair will be shiny and healthy looking and will feel great. Of course you will get the best results if you go “au natural” and stop hurting your hair with relaxers, thats what Jada did.
I also recommend the Ecstasy soap, body oil and eau de toilette. It smells great and will not dry your skin out.  There are a lot of pretenders out there when it comes to quality beauty products but I can assure you that Carols Daughter is the real deal. Try and stop by the Carols Daughter counter at your local Macy’s Department Store and try the samples. You will also see a difference in how excited the Sales Person is because they love the products too.


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