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How to Build a Vacuum Cleaner

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.Step 1


Cut the hose into two pieces, each as long as you prefer, but the one you intend to pick up dust with should be at least a foot in length so it can serve a reasonable purpose. It should be twice as long as the other cut piece. Cut a hole in the top of the jar and glue one end of the shorter hose to that hole, then take the other end and connect it to the end of the air pump that exhales air.

Step 2


Cut a hole in the side of the jar and glue the sponge to the jar placing it directly over the hole you’ve carved on the side. This will serves as the vacuum’s filter.

Step 3


Now, take the silicone and glue one end of the longer hose to the hole of the air pump that inhales. This will serve as the vacuum’s mouth.

Step 4


Once you have made sure all connection points (ie. the sponge and the jar, the hose and the jar, the hose and the pump etc…) are sealed tight with no air leaks. Turn your homemade vacuum on and begin cleaning.

Step 5


You should only clean dust with this vacuum. Don’t try and vacuum water, or small things like nails because it might damage the fast fill engine.

  Things You’ll Need

Empty Bottle Garden Hose Kitchen Sponge Silicone Fast Fill Electrical Air Pump (you can find this in an old inflatable air mattress)    Tips Remember that the fast fill engine was designed to inflate mattresses and it is not accustomed to having nails, pennies and other small items sucked through it. Be selective with what you choose to pick up. Warnings It is vitally important that you do not treat the sponge as an optional supply, but follow all of the steps and use it as your filter as it allows the vacuum to breath while at the same time prevents collected dust from escaping the jar.  

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