Wednesday, December 13

Have You Ever Thought About Being an Artist?

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Have you ever wanted to be a painter? Well I know I’ve thought about it before and I still do. People absolutely love paintings. They are use in different ways. Paintings can be used to express emotions like happy, sad, worried, love, angry, disgust, and so on.
I also want to become a painter to make money at it. For another reason is to make money at it. There are people that make thousands of dollars off a single painting because they are that good at it. These people are the born to be artist. It was written in stone before they were ever born. And they experimented in life so much that finally they found what they were meant to do in life.
Some people never find what there meant to do in life. They just keep on doing the same old thing they do every day. If I were to paint a picture my first picture would be a picture of the ocean sand with crystal clear waves, clouds, crabs running along the sand and shells, and I’d throw in a few palm trees. And yes that is so typical for a picture to have palm trees in it. I mean come on who doesn’t like palm trees, lol.
I have a very great imagination. And that is what it takes for an artist to paint such extra ordinary paintings. And of course I would love to a famous painter, and have my name all over the art society. I’m sorry but I crave attention. I guess I want to be recognized for something in this world before life makes me into plant food.
So what would your first painting be of? And would you ever become a painter if given the opportunity? Ok please leave me a comment on what you think.


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