Thursday, December 14

Common Sense For Online Writers

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When it comes to being an online writer, there are some practices and concepts that are clearly just common sense. Though it appears that most content creators seem to have never heard “The list” of common sense practices. In case you find yourself in that position, here are some common sense practices every online writer should remember.

<<1>> If you wouldn’t want your mother to read it, you shouldn’t write it

<<2>> Spell check is your best friend

<<3>> Writing about topics that you are actually interested in, creates much more vibrant writing then just spitting out content based on what others are interested in only

<<4>> Being original is not as important as making sense

<<5>> Grammer is not as important as your “writing voice”

<<6>> Conversational writing engages the reader better than first or third person writing

<<7>> Use experiences to convey your story over droned out research

<<8>> Always clearly source out other sites that agree or disagree with your writing

<<9>> If you can prove it, do so

<<10>> You reap what you soe, so write something that will bring you a positivity

<<11>> If a subject is not worth your good happy thoughts, it probably isn’t worth your bad thoughts either

<<12>> Never write on an empty stomach

<<13>> Writing when your stressed out is a really good idea. Publishing what you wrote when you were stressed out, is not always a good idea…

<<14>> Writing with your shoes off is always liberating

<<15>> Make sure to read and re-read your work before you ask someone else to review it for you

<<16>> Opinions should always be clearly state

<<17>> Read the rules of any site you write for as soon as you sign up

<<18>> Research any subject you want to write about, even if you feel you already know everything about it

<<19>> Back up your work on a flash drive or external hard drive

<<20>> Save your work often

<<21>> Remember that writing is an art and part of the cool thing about art, is that imperfections are perfecting in subtle ways

<<22>> Don’t regret anything you write


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