Monday, December 18

How to Make Your Own Website….

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There are a lot of websites in which you have the chance to make your own website with your own preferences… However, most of the websites give you a ready template and you edit the website online. But, doing this way, you don’t feel that you are the real creator because in reality you take ready job and simply edit it your won way. So, it isn’t completely yours, is it?

First of all, to do your very own website you ‘ll need a brief knowledge of HTML… If you are a complete beginner to learning HTML you can go to this excellent website to learn really well. It has its own HTML editors to instantly try out the things you have learned the minute before etc… The link is

So, now, regarding you know HTML, we continue to the next step…

Go to and register for free. After the usual procedure of registration, go here: and fill out your login and password. Here, as you can see, you can edit your webpage. It is preferable to make your webpages offline, then open them with your browser to see if they are OK, and then upload them to your t35 account… But if you uploaded something there and then you realize that it is wrong you can instantly edit it with an instant t35-online-editor, so don’t worry, be happy!

Notice some things, it is preferable to upload your site’s images to or and then attach them to your site, because t35 is free so you have enough space to work with but not unlimited.

To make your website better you can add some cool JavaScript. Search the net for “cool javascript” or “nice tricks with javascript” and you will learn some nice tricks and tips. If you want to make your own tricks with javascipt, you can go and learn yourself here: I hope I helped you to develop your own free website! Have fun!


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