What makes a Helium article easy to read

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Helium is different from some article directories on the Internet in that Helium does not allow HTML tags in article posts. Therefore, an author cannot use italics, boldface, bulleted lists, underlining or any other standard writing technique. Helium writers, therefore, have had to come up with some creative ways to make their Helium articles easy to read while working within the confines that Helium presents. Below are some of the things that Helium writers have done in order to make Helium articles easy to read:

* Clarity. The first way to make ANY article easy to read is to write clearly. Write in an organized fashion. Develop a flow of logic in your article. Organize your paragraphs and sections in such a way that they are concise and coherent. If an article is not clear, all of the other techniques to make a Helium article easy to read will be wasted.

* Line breaks. On Helium, articles without an extra line break in between paragraphs are difficult to read. It is easy for the reader to lose his or her place, because the lines all seem to run together. After you complete each paragraph on Helium, press “Enter” twice to create that extra line break.

* Use bulleted lists when appropriate. While you may not have access to HTML features and functionality, you do have an asterisk key. Using an asterisk to identify a list item sets it apart from the rest of the list. While you shouldn’t just use lists for the sake of using a list, studies have shown that web surfers consider articles with bulleted lists easier to read.

* Keep your paragraphs short. Four or five sentences is, generally speaking, enough for a single paragraph on Helium. If you can’t say what you want in a few sentences, then you need to break the idea down further, splitting it into two paragraphs. Long paragraphs, like a lack of line breaks, make Helium articles more difficult to read.

Using these techniques won’t guarantee you success at Helium, but they will make your articles more readable. The more readable your articles are, in the long run, the higher rated they will be.


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