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Travel Destinations: Wuyi Shan, Fujian Province, China

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Travel Destinations: Wuyi Shan, Fujian Province, China

Wuyi Shan is located to the northwest in Fujian Province and home to a small population of 22,000 people. However, it is big in personality, and has some of the most amazing scenery you will find in this beautiful country.

There are softly rushing streams and rivers, waterfalls, mountains and protected forests, each emphasising the natural beauty of this area. If you want to hike or explore, then this is the place to do it. You will find many Chinese tourists coming here for relaxation as well as international tourists.

Wuyi Shan’s scenic area begins at the west bank of Chongyang Stream where you will a few hotels and accommodation here if you want to spend a night or two.

Wuyi Gong is the main entrance ri Wuyi Shan, located 200m south of the Wuyi Mountain Villa and there the Nine Twists and Chongyang Rivers meet.

So what can you see on Wuyi Shan? There are many different trails and paths for you to take so that you can explore the extraordinary beauty of this area. The trails within the scenic area all connect with the main cultural attractions here so this means you won’t get lost. So of the best hikes to take are the Great King Peak (Dawang Feng), a 530m trail accessed by the main entrance, and Heavenly Tour Park (Tianyou Feng), a 410m trail with the entrance located up the Nine Twists River.

The Great King peak trail takes around two hours and takes you through some beautiful bamboo groves and rock walls. The trail will reward you with some amazing views of the area and the rivers. The trail to Heavenly Tour Peak has far better views of the mountains and the rivers below, making it a very popular trail. At the top, reward yourself with fantastic views and refreshment at one of the teahouses here.

Water Curtain Cave (Shuilian Dong) is located at the north end of the scenic area. It is a crevice in the rock face where, in the autumn and winter, gushes water over the top of the cliff making a curtain of spray for visitors.

A trip to Wuyi Shan is not complete without taking a bamboo raft ride down the Nine Twists River. It starts out from Xing Cun and lasts for about an hour, taking you through some simply stunningly beautiful scenery.


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