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Travel Destinations: Jiangxi Province, China

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Travel Destinations: Jiangxi Province, China

Jiangxi Province is the birthplace of the Long March where Chairman Mao set off on his legendary journey, as well as being the home place of some stunning natural beauty and ancient imperial history.

The province is abundant with natural beauty and the crucial watershed for the country. The largest freshwater lake in China – Poyang Lake – can call this province home, as well as some stunning mountainous regions and rolling hills, making it a truly beautiful place to explore.


A bustling city, Nanchang boasts of its importance in recent Chinese communist history – making it a popular place for the communist pilgrims as well as Westerners looking to understand more about this confusing period. To get a feel for the city, explore the Memorial Hall to the Martyrs of the Revolution and the Former Headquarters of the Nanchang Uprising, before you head off to the quaint villages of Luotiancun, Shuinan and Jingtai for some much needed historical attractions.


Surrounding Wuyuan on all sides are some of the most amazing landcapes you will ever see in your lifetime or in the next. A fertile and hilly valley, this is a region scattered with ancient and historic villages and hamlets just waiting to be discovered.

Some of the best villages are Qinghua, where you can admire the Southern Song Dynasty Caihong Bridge, wander along Qinghua Laojie and the rest of the town. There are two villages called Likeng in the area, both great places to visit, before you head off to Xiaoqi – this village is something out of an ancient Chinese fairytale and should be the one village you visit if you only have time for one.


Lushan is a famous Chinese mountain, renowned for its stunning views and European colonial villas scattered on its slopes. There are so many places here that you can visit – the Lushan Museum, the Meilu Villa (built by Chiang Kai-shek), the Site of the Lushan Conference, the Immortal’s Cave, Dragon Head Cliff, the Three Ancient Treesm the Botanical Gardens and the chance to see the classic Love in Lushan at the cinema.


A misty mountainous range complimented with tree lined streets, this is the place where Chairman Mao set off with 900 men to join Zhu De’s forces in 1927.It is a stunning landscape with forests stretching as far as the eye can see and dotted with interesting cultural attractions. Pay a visit to Five Dragons Pool, a beautiful cascading waterfall with stunning views; Five Fingers Peak and the Revolutionary Museum.

Jiangxi Province is one of those places that will stay with you – the memories will last a lifetime and beyond.


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