So you want to be a rock and roll star

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Being in a rock band is a great way to have fun and for nerds to get girls. Trust me nerds, if you can play guitar, bass, drums, or you can sing, your social life will sky rocket if you do it right.

Of course girls are not the only reason to start a band, I’m just saying. Had I known what I wrote in my intro in high school well…

Truly the great benefit of being in a band is to create your own audio art and share it with other people. It is an amazing feeling to have someone you don’t know sing lyrics you penned in the back seat of your friends car after a party. I have very limited experience with this but it has happened and it’s awesome.

Bands are usually started by a guitarist. They usually are the song writers and need people to play with to get their vision out. But what often happens is the guitarist sees a need for a front man who can sing if he can not. The front man then insists on writing too. This can be great or a source of conflict.

Then you need to find a drummer. Drummers are often the coolest people in the band. They usually have less of an ego than the front man or guitarist and like to drink beer in copious amounts. This has been my experience anyway.

By the way; what do you call a drummer without a girlfriend? Homeless. Hah!

Then the last piece of the band typically is the bass player. Base players are usually guitarists who don’t want to take the lead and so embrace the bass. This is by no means always the case though. Sometimes bands are fronted by bass players. The band Primus would be a good example of how a base can be used as a frontline instrument. Bass players after drummers are usually the most likeable. They tend to drink less beer and do better with girlfriends. Bass players, I would be willing to bet are best adjusted of rock band participants. We are talking about musicians of course so it is a sliding scale.

After you practice enough to get 10 songs down. And I mean down. Go get some gigs. Don’t tool around talking about performing get out there and do it. This is key. Just get out there and rock through any mistakes. Mistakes can be cool and you’ll learn how to get past them if your on a stage and not in the garage.

Nerds take note. This is how to change your lot.


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