Chopping wood. Not just for lumberjacks anymore.

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Trying to save on fuel? Wood is a great source of fuel. Here’s how to chop it so you can burn it.

Chop down a tree with a chain saw, preferably on your property.

Cut the felled tree into pieces about 1 ½ feet long.

Haul the pieces to the place you will be cutting the wood. Find a good fat log to put the other logs on when you start to chop.

If you don’t have one, go buy a good axe.

Place a log on top of the other log.

Raise your axe over your head and slam it down into the pulp of the tree.  Aim for the edge of the log just a bit. This will help the log split more easily. Repeat until log is split. Then split the split log in 2, quartering it.

After you have worked up a good sweat gather the wood together and then stack it. Do not stack the wood next to your house. There might be termites in the wood you chopped. You don’t want to introduce those awful creatures to your home. Stack it out in the woods.

Let the wood dry for a couple of weeks. Then enjoy in the fireplace.


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