Thursday, December 14

Connected to Jesus

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A young woman gave her life to Christ as a missionary. Many thought she was incapable of the hard work and rugged strain of missionary life. However, she went to the mission field and gave her life unflinchingly to the service of the Lord and her people. Having died years later in the service of her Lord, she was buried and a short epitaph was placed at her grave. It said, “She did what she couldn’t.” What a testimony of a life given to God!”

This is a brief life story of a young missionary who committed to serve God by serving other people. When we think of the missionaries, we always think first of the sacrifices that they would be doing, they are considered as an OFW  of Christ. As a part of the young people, many of us do not yet mind, where God will put us to serve. Some are called to  be church workers, Sunday School or Compassion teachers , member of the praise and worship team ,and  church volunteers. Most of the youth are still in the mindset of finishing our education, finding a stable job and reaching our secular goals in life. But when we speak of service to the Lord, age doesn’t  matter, we can commit to serve God by serving others in ways where God can fully use us.  My experience is somewhat a testimony on how to serve God by serving other people. I never thought that I would be able to finish a degree that constituted the act of caring and serving. As I  passed the Board Exam, I asked God on how could I bring Him back the victory that I had won through faith and prayers. Just a few months later, He did answer me back and unexpectedly I never thought that I would be serving people by volunteering in  a mission outreach. I joined the church team in going to Don Marcelino, Jose Abad Santos. Right there and then, I knew that God had put  in a situation where He can fully use me.There was inexplicable joy in my heart while doing the rounds.

Last July 3, 2009, during our I-Connect fellowship, the young people are privileged to listen to our young missionary , Ate Shirley. She taught us the importance of listening to God and following what He wants us to be. She really was committed to serve  the people not just here in our country but in other countries as well. She gave us the encouragement to pray for countries around the world that need to be prayed for.     

 I challenge all the young people, let not our young lives be put to waste. Let every minute of our dynamic lives beats  for the Lord. In our own simple way, let us become a lifeline to our dorm mates, schoolmates, classmates and friends by sharing to them who JESUS is and by uttering words of prayers for them. As I listened to testimonies of my brothers and sisters in Christ during the Marathon of Praise, I can conclude that many of us are fighting our own battles. It’s a joy to hear how the Lord worked and helped each one faced the battles. We are still young and we still have a lot of  years to live and may these lives be ALL ABOUT JESUS! Let’s take our relationship with God  seriously by being Rooted in the word, Established in our faith and Committed to serve  God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength.

 Howard Hendricks , a renowned Christian author once said, “God  is not looking for more stars; He’s looking for more servants.” Daniel 12:3 tells us that” Those who lead many to righteousness, will shine like the stars for ever and ever.”

Deep down in our restless hearts, can you hear Jesus summoning you by name? Stay connected with Jesus. He has heard  the cries of the dying people near you. Listen to His call:

        “So now, go……I am sending you.”


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