Friday, December 15

Fifa World Cup Kick-Off Concert Boycott Call by S.african Artist Union

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As the FIFA World Cup is coming closer, all issues surrounding the game is popping up. Initially it was security concerns now it is the representation of native artists in the event. A South African artists union said on Tuesday that it was mobilizing a boycott of FIFA World Cup Kick-off concert protest the large numbers of international artists in the line up. The kick-off concert is scheduled to take place at Orlando Stadium in Johannesburg’s historic Soweto Township on June 10. It will be broadcast live worldwide.  

General Secretary of the Creative Workers of South Africa Oupa Lebogo said, “This is not an African event, aw are telling the masses to stay away from this event.” He added, “We are not calling for violence or protest outside the concert venue, we just want people to stay away from it.”   How successful will be the call of boycott, time will tell but for time being Tickets for the event have been sold out, with price ranging from 450 rand ($58) to 1400 rand. Since the March announcement of the star-studded line up, including American performers such as Alicia Keys and John Legend, local musicians have been demanding greater participation. To pacify the raising voice of he local artists FIFA has increased the local acts to seven from three in the initial list.   It is not just the representation of the artist in the much anticipated event but the price of Ticket is also a big issue.

The union feels feels that the 450 rand price for the cheapest ticket is too steep for the ordinary South Africans.   “That amount is more than a weekly wage for many workers in this country. This is an elitist event which is not intended for the people,” said Leboga.   Legendary trumpeter, Hugh Masekela and the Grammy Award winning Soweto Gospel Choir are some of the local headliners.

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