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Phrases You Should Live With To Surely Break a Relationship

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Basically, it’s not hard to find a partner the moment you decide to settle down.  Building a good relationship is where the challenges and problems lie. Much more, the hardest and the most challenging are on how to keep the relationship healthy and long-lasting.

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Everybody wants a happy relationship but sad to say, so many relationships don’t last long.  Why do relationships have come to an end? Is it the man’s fault, the woman, or both? Well, are you the kind of partner who is loyal but unfaithful? Or are you the easy-go-lucky kind of a partner?  And/or simply the kind of a person who cannot stick to one?

If you’re description as a partner is one of the types mentioned above I believe that the following list of quotes is what you keep for yourself. Keeping or patronizing any of these quotes will surely break a relationship.

“Don’t get mad, get even.”

Retaliate. This is all what this phrase means. When your partner deserted you for another don’t get angry, do something that will upset him/her as much.

“I am only human.”

The moment you caught your partner having an affair and says to you that “I am only human” then it’s time for you to think twice whether to hold on or to let go. Infidelity, in most cases, is committed repetitively.

“If you can, I can.”

This phrase is similar to the first one.  Believer of this phrase will do bad things that you do. You flirt, I’ll flirt too.

“I’m torn between two lovers.”

Partners who are not contented with what they have will always find some excuses to get themselves involve in another relationship. Simply because they can never be happy and contented with what they have.

“Don’t play fire with your –ex.”

This phrase connotes that it seems fine to play fire with a new one. Playing fire whether with your –ex or with a new one are the same, it’s wrong. Remember that no secret can be kept forever. When a fire starts, a smoke follows.

“Love is going to bed to make a baby.”

Love is not all about sex. There are people who find gratification and satisfaction only through sexual relationship. Other than that, they don’t. So be careful and be sensitive.

Infidelity is the usual reason why relationships are broken. Be faithful and stay faithful. If you can’t stay faithful but you want to keep the relationship, always remember the 11th commandment – “Don’t get caught”. Of course, I was just kidding.

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