Monday, December 11

Irritating Thing #33

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Shoplifting is bad, and you know this. You do not believe in stealing and you are glad that the store takes measures to prevent against such an action. Therefore, you try not to get mad even though everyone is watching while you look through the department store. From the moment you walked into the store, you knew it would be trouble. Everyone is just staring at you, waiting for you to mess up. They are all around the store, just looking at you. They want to get you, but you do not want to do anything wrong or bad.

Well, this is awkward. You keep telling yourself that they are just doing their job, but no matter how much you try to tell yourself this, you still feel awkward. You have your hands folded, you are like fifty feet away from everything, and you are not even touching anything. But still, everyone is looking at you. They are just waiting for you to mess up. You are having an internal conflict between wanting to shop at the department store, or being too afraid to continue your shopping experience. All you desired to do was look around. Perhaps you may have seen something that you wanted, yet it does not seem like you can do this after all.

Finally, you realize that you have to surrender. You did not really see anything that you could buy anyway, so you figure, it is no business of yours to be in the store anyway. You are sad that it has to end up this way, but it is the only logical outcome. You turn around, and walk out the door. If this were a case titled “Customer vs. Store,” then you lost. You definitely lost. You lose! Get out!  


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