Sunday, December 17

The Wolfman-Movie Review!

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The Wolfman, released June 1st of 2010 onto dvd and blu-ray.  Lets just be honest here, not a lot of people out there really expected this movie to be great or even come close to phenomenol. But with Hopkins and Del Toro there can be no doubts as to the fact that the acting in this movie is going to be beyond expectations. I don’t think its really quite fair to judge this movie or movies like it. Especially now, I mean within the last few years alone all sorts of fiction fans and thriller fans have been flocking in hords of copious amounts of people towards these “midnight premieres” and “midnight releases” of twilight. Now with that said there should be no reason why the respectable fiction fan out there wouldn’t want to watch this movie.

I don’t care what you say, if you enjoyed New Moon then you should have no problems enjoying this movie. Wolfman, in my eyes is a better wolf fiction experience than twilight. So that might seem a little harsh to all of you but really I don’t care. You’ve all gone out and bought your copies of twilight(1 and 2) and you all bought probably every movie in the underworld series, which by the way I hope they come out with more stuff because I just cant get enough of that story line and version of vamps and wear wolfs.

I’m sure that after this review a lot of people might have some resentment towards me because you all probably think I’m “bashing” on twilight. Well get your head out of your but and read what I’m saying, because simply put I’m not bashing twilight at all. I’m not bashing the people who have seen twilight or who have copies of both movies because I’ve been to midnight premieres and releases of both movies in the epic saga. But I am extremely resentful towards all of you out there who think that the twilight saga is the only version of vampires and wear wolves fiction out there that matters! Because guess what its not.

So to all of you out there who are bashing this film, well it just goes to show how immature your taste in a good story is and a good piece of film for that matter. Yes there were some vital flaws in the movie but honestly if you watch movies, period, for only the graphics and action sequences then you should be taken behind the theatre and beaten until you are blind. If you watch a movie for  entertainment, and by that I mean acting and story lines you know the stuff in the movie that takes intelligence to see and read, then I give you props.  I’ll be honest my hat is off to this movie, because it is modeled after a classic and it is just a piece of art if you ask me.

So why are you watching movies? Are you intelligent enough that you are watching for entertainment or are you a mindless drone? This has been a movie review done by yours truly…………



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