Tuesday, December 12

Lionheart (1990): Rocky Meets Kickboxer

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Starring: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Harrison Page, Deborah Rennard, Brian Thompson, Lisa Pelikan, Ashley Johnson, Ash Adams, Michel Qissi, and Abdul Qissi.

Directed by: Sheldon Lettich.

Released: January 11th, 1991.

Jean-Claude Van Damme plays Lyon Gaultier, a paratrooper working in the French Foreign Legion that is stationed in North Africa. Meantime, his brother in America gets severely burned in a drug deal gone bad by a bunch of kick-boxing drug team members. Upon learning of his brother’s death, Lyon abandons his post when he discovers that they will not let him go and ends up battling his way through fellow soldiers and escaping via jeep, the desert, and then as a stowaway on a tramp steamer ship heading straight for the United States. 

The Legion authorities are not too happy about this so they try to get the French Embassy of the United States to side with them but to no avail, the LAPD doesn’t care one bit about hunting down someone like Lyon. So the Legion sends two men to track him down. Meanwhile, Lyon arrives in New York City where he then makes his way to California to meet up with his brother’s family who are now in desperate need of finances, thanks to the death of Lyon’s brother. 

Somewhere amidst this mess, Lyon meets a man named Joshua who specializes in ‘fights for money’ and also a very rich woman named Cynthia who is also in the same business. Lyon decides that this would be a great opportunity to help his family out and earn the money that he needs so he agrees to participate in these no limit bare-knuckle fights. However, his brother’s widow doesn’t want to accept any financial help from Lyon due to old grudges.


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