Tuesday, December 12

Irritating Thing #32

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You are at the coffee shop, and you decide to purchase your favorite thing, coffee! You bring the coffee to the table, and go about your ritual of putting fifty million sugars in. You just find that the coffee is too bitter without the sugars, so you need it to be extra sweet. You are too lazy to throw out the sugar wrappers, so as you drink your coffee, the sugar wrappers remain next to the cup. Then, someone that you know comes over to where you are sitting. They look down at all of your sugar wrappers, then they just look at you really weird.

Well, you are used to this. Pretty much everyone does it you. Yes, it is the fifty million sugars in the coffee thing yet again. Okay, so perhaps it is weird to put fifty million sugars in your coffee, but you are almost positive that you are not the only one who does this. And if you had way too much time on your hands, then you would prove it. I mean, come on, don’t people like to put sugars in their coffee? Seriously! Yes, you can understand that others find your behavior peculiar, but you have heard their remarks thousands of times. Okay, you get it! You are weird for putting fifty million sugars in your coffee! 

Everyone is a critic. They just love to put their input into absolutely everything. No one can ever mind their own business. In your mind, you know that you are being overly critical, but who cares? You are annoyed. You are irritated. My goodness, you have no friends, you procrastinate, you failed your test, is it not possible to just have a cup of coffee with fifty million sugars without being made fun of? I guess not.


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