Monday, December 11

Making Money Online With Contextual Links @ V7N

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Website traffic is key to monetizing blogs and the best form of traffic creation is Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO) which ranks your blog pages for keywords that are relevant. This is where Contextual Links @ V7N comes in, providing your blog with the best links possible – contextual links, links that are embedded in a sentence.

Contextual Links @ v7n is a cross hybrid between get paid to post and get paid to link, although it’s not technically a paid to blog site because you really don’t need to create a post in order to make this work. All you will be doing is converting a specific keyword in your blog post into a link back to the advertiser’s website. Bloggers will earn $10 per link via PayPal on a monthly basis, with no requirements for blog size and traffic. All that Contextual v7n asks is that you keep your word that the designated links will remain on the site for as long as you maintain the site itself. 

Endorsing advertisers is not required whatsoever. Up to five blogs can be added per blogger account. The links of Contextual v7n are not rented but purchased unlike many link marketplaces where the links get rented from month to month. With v7n, you simply buy the link and reap in the benefits from thereon after. Contextual Links @ v7n seems like a legit and interesting method of making money online, one that makes a lot of sense.

Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure or the opportunity of experiencing this first hand for myself, this being due to the fact that I applied to them twice and received no response. If you ask me personally, I would have to say that there are some serious issues with whomever is in charge of handling e-mail inquiries, because no interested blogger should be kept waiting from participating in an opportunity like this. I don’t know, perhaps the blog I had at the time wasn’t their cup of tea, but they really didn’t specify what kind of blogs they’re looking for to begin with.


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