Wednesday, December 13

How Can a 'leprechaun' (1993) Get His Own Movie Franchise?

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Starring: Warwick Davis, Jennifer Aniston, Ken Olandt, Mark Holton, Robert Gorman, John Sanderford, Shay Duffin, Pamela Mant, David Permenter, and William Newman.

Directed by: Mark Jones.

Released: January 8th, 1993.

About ten years ago, a greedy Irishman named Daniel O’Grady (Shay Duffin) robs a Leprechaun (Warwick Davis) of his gold in Ireland and makes his way back to the good old United States of America with the goodies. The Irishman boasts high hopes and dreams as he spills the good news to his wife (Pamela Mant), whom he lives with in a private house in the middle of nowhere in California. But, it turns out that he’s not so lucky after all when he finds out that the darn Leprechaun shipped himself via special delivery right to his home. However, the Irishman manages to imprison the little beastie inside of a wooden crate with a four-leaf clover resting on top of it.

Jump ahead a decade later to the 1990s where Tory Reding (played by a young Jennifer Aniston) and her father J.D. (played by John Sanderford) move into the dormant and vacant home which is now covered in cobwebs and many more disgusting sights. Here they meet their team of house painters led by teen hot stud Nathan Murphy (Ken Olandt), the not-so bright Ozzie (Mark Holton), and the underaged but smart Alex (Robert Gorman). 

Everything that could possibly happen within the book of movie predictions does in fact happen in “Leprechaun”. Of course, the newcomers to the home accidentally let the little monster out from his prison where he then begins a hunt for his missing gold coins, a hundred of them to be exact, including one of which was accidentally swallowed by Ozzie (uh-oh). “Leprechaun” is downright silly, predictable, and not one bit of scary. Somewhat gory, yes, but that is about it. 


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