How to Create Passwords You Wont Forget

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Are you tired of trying to manage dozens of passwords? Use this program to create passwords you will never forget.

Most of us have to manage dozens of passwords for our computers. Email, web sites, bank account logins, etc. There are so many sites and applications that require passwords and it seems they all expire at different times. This can be very difficult to manage. Well this little program is really cool and easy to use.

Get on the internet and go to this web page:
The application is call password chart and it is very easy to use. Instead of trying to remember a password, you just think of a phrase and type it in. For example, type in all dogs go to heaven. As you type this in, a password is created.

Now, all you have to remember is all dogs go to heaven! This is so simple and very easy to use. So say goodbye to the old “forgot password” link on your favorite sites and just remember the secret phrase!


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