Sunday, December 17

How to Work 2 Jobs And Have Plenty of Time

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If you’re lucky enough to find a job in this recession, it probably won’t pay that much. So how are you going to survive then? The answer is to get a second job. I don’t know about you, but two jobs that both pay, say, $11 or $12 per hour each is a lot of money. Now you might be thinking to yourself how can one possibly work two jobs and live a normal life that doesn’t entirely revolve around work?

The solution to working two jobs and living a normal life is to get a per diem job and a part time or full time job. Per diem is another way for the term ‘on call’. The way per diem works is that you choose your own hours and schedule by putting in a request to pick up a shift that is available to work. Typical office jobs don’t usually offer per diem shifts. You will usually find per diem shifts in a lot of blue collar jobs like Emergency Medical Services, factories, hospital jobs, and such. 

You can work at your own pace with a second per diem job. Pick up some shifts one week, relax the next week and just work your original part time job. The possibilities are endless with this type of situation. The problem is being able to land one in these horrible economic times. Even if you qualify for the position and it’s perfect for you as a second job, it is probably best to lie to the interviewer and tell them you are leaving your current job (even though you’re really not). 


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