Friday, December 15

Let 'one Missed Call' (2008) Go Straight to Voicemail

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Starring: Shannyn Sossamon, Edward Burns, Ana Claudia Talancon, Johnny Lewis, Azura Skye, Ray Wise, Meagan Good, Margaret Cho, Ariel Winter, Rhoda Griffis, Raegan Lamb, and Riley Smith.

Directed by: Eric Vallette.

“One Missed Call” is just one of the many reasons to avoid watching horror movies from the 2000’s decade. “One Missed Call” is an American remake of a 2003 Japanese horror film called “Chakushin Ari”. The plot revolves around people who receive voice messages from future versions of themselves whom are about to die, messages that are kind enough to leave the date, time, and some details about how they will die. After this phenomenon claims the lives of two women, both of whom are friends of the lead character Beth Raymond (played by Shannyn Sossamon), our heroine is determined to conduct an investigation of her own. 

Detective Jack Andrews (Edward Burns) befriends her and joins her in this unveiling this mysterious phenomenon. They manage to trace these strange calls to a woman named Marie Layton who was an abusive mother to her two daughters, one of which died and the other in foster care. Beth and Detective Andrews trace Marie back to a burned down hospital where she was last seen. Low and behold, they find her stinking crispy corpse in an air duct, clutching a cell phone. You could pretty much piece together the rest of the plot from there. The point of stupid epitome in this film is in its climax, I have not seen so much annoying CGI and typical ghosts in one scene before, talk about pure torture.


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