Thursday, December 14

Irritating Thing #30

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If the store offers plastic bags, and you do not want to be all environmentally friendly, the you will accumulate a lot of plastic bags from shopping at the various stores each week. You go to the store, and you take your stuff home in the plastic bag. Once you get home, you take your stuff out of the bags, and put the bag aside. In the process of this, you never actually realize just how many plastic bags you have.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Soon, you find that you have to move out. Because of procrastination, you do not start to pack until the night before, or even that morning. While organizing your stuff, you notice that you have a lot of plastic bags. At first you just see some plastic bags in a paper bag. Okay, nothing big. Then you notice more plastic bags by the bed. Still, not a big deal. And then, you see some more plastic bags near the closet, and next to the desk, and all over the floor. Before you know it, you realize that the plastic bags have taken over the entire room.

Nevertheless, you become so absorbed in trying to contend with the plastic bags, that you do not even manage to pack everything else that you need to take with you. So, this is what you do. You feel that plastic bags are useful. After all, if they were not, then you would have thrown them out after coming home from the store each time. But of course, the plastic bags are everywhere, so you did not do that. You simply cannot manage to see all of these bags go to waste, so you first check to see which ones have holes in them.

This takes a while. You thoroughly check each bag for holes. If the bag has a hole, then you throw it out. If it does not, then you keep it. After you are done doing this, you put some of your other stuff in the bags, and then throw the other ones out. You feel as if you have really organized everything. Then, you see the rest of your stuff still scattered all over the place and you lose all sense of hope.


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