Monday, December 11

Irritating Thing #29

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If you are bad at math to begin with, then this already irritating situation becomes even worse. You are in line at the store, and you have an abundance of stuff in your hands. Therefore, you cannot possibly manage to search through your purse. It is just too difficult. You do not have the time for that. The line seems to be moving at a normal speed, but it does not matter anyway, because before you know it, you find yourself at the check out counter. The store is crowded. So many people are waiting. You are not prepared. This cannot possibly have a good outcome.

At this point, you have put all of your stuff on the counter, but you have not even begun to get the money out of your purse. Forget counting it. You are not even sure if you can find it. You have so much stuff in there. What to do? What to do? So, you search frantically. Now, before you left the house, you made sure that it was at the top. Obviously, once you get to the store, it all seems to vanish. This just takes up more time.

So, after searching for the longest time, you manage to find it. Well, if you are not good at math, then attempting to count it will just take way too long. It is practically impossible. Therefore, you take out the amount that you think you have, and you put it on the counter. You feel so unorganized. You just stand there, hoping that no one notices that you really had no time to count the money. All you can do is wait. The moment of truth. You know, embarrassing moments happen enough during the day. And now it has to happen at the check out counter too? Oh my!


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