Tuesday, December 12

Making Money Online With Cash Crate

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Cash Crate was perhaps one of my very first money making ventures in the online world. The way you make money online with Cash Crate is by completing the tasks and surveys that they have listed on the site. This could range from taking a survey about shopping to signing up for a free credit card trial to making a purchase of your liking and so on. Some of these offers are free while some aren’t, the good news is that you can filter these tasks in many ways – By their highest or lowest reward, by which are free and which aren’t, etc.

I have been paid twice by them and then I quit. You might be asking yourself why. Well the truth is that there is a catch to Cash Crate or should I rephrase that as ‘scam’? Mind you, they aren’t a scam in the sense that they will not pay you. Just because a site is paying you doesn’t necessarily mean it is not a scam. It’s what you have to be put through in order to get paid by them that makes Cash Crate a scam. 

Allow me to elaborate – My first check was about $7 or $8 bucks and I earned it by doing a number of small free offers. My second check was $89 and I earned that one through not only free offers but some high paying free-trial ones as well such as ‘Sign-Up for a Free 14 Day Trial with Vonix Phone Service’. This is where things got ugly. Any Cash Crate guru will tell you you’re supposed to cancel the Free Trial offers before the trial ends that way you won’t get charged anything. Well, I did that and for whatever reason, a lot of those Free Trial offers decided to continue themselves despite the fact that I cancelled them prior to the deadline. Guess what I was left with? Bills that I never asked for. Thanks a lot, Cash Crate.


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