Generating ideas for online article writing

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If you’ve written articles online for any amount of time, you’ve probably exhausted all of your ideas more than once. There truly are so many different topics that you can write to that the sheer number of them can be overwhelming. At times, you might find yourself stuck, needing to find ways to go about generating ideas for online article writing.

Here are some ways that Internet writers often use to generate their ideas for online article writing:

* Do keyword searches. Let’s suppose, for a moment, that you enjoy writing about basket weaving. Let’s also suppose that you’ve written to every single basket weaving topic you can think of. What do you do next? Well, you can plug keywords from your topic (i.e. “basket weaving”) into a took like Keyword Analyzer or even Overture. These tools will return results of how folks are searching for that term in search engines. Often, this will spur ideas. You might, for example, see “Christmas basket weaving” as one of the searches, and that helps you generate an idea to write an online article about weaving baskets for Christmas.

* Read other articles. Just because you’ve run out of ideas doesn’t mean that everyone else has. Read some other articles in your area of interest. Don’t copy those articles or the ideas in them, of course, but find your own take and your own voice on the topic.
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* Get away. Sometimes, you just need to back away from the keyboard. Get out of the house for a while. Go for a walk, or spend a few minutes listening to some nice jazz. Take a 15-minute power nap. You may be surprised to find that, when you return to your computer, you suddenly have all of the online article ideas that you need.

* Ask for help. Finally, if you’re stuck trying to generate ideas for online articles, ask other article writers in your area for help with ideas. It may be that they have a list of articles that they aren’t going to write, but that may be perfectly grand for you to write. In many cases, you will find that other online article writers are anxious to share their thoughts with you.


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