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Energy Medicine: Will It Put "modern Medicine" to Shame?

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Most well known forms of Energy Healing and Energy Work have been around since before history was documented. It is actually one of the most natural forms of healing available to earth species. It includes “Whole Healing” which means that no part of “you” is ignored.

This is where Modern Medicine lacks and has lacked since the of the great philosopher Plato. He was one of the first to document his findings that the human body cannot be treated without treating the rest of “you”, meaning your Spirit and Mind as well. The Physical Body, Spiritual Body and Mental Body all work together as an infinite connection. The idea that physicians have been attempting to treat just the Physical Body is almost laughable for those who are well versed in Energy Working and Energy Medicine.

Modern physicians are just not started to really connect the link between the Physical and Emotional states, but they are still pretty far behind on making the connection that the spiritual body is also involved and directly affected by anything that happens to the physical or mental bodies. This puts them at a loss towards Energy Workers.

Empaths, Reiki Masters and even Acupuncturerers have realized for a long time that in order to heal a person of any ailment, big or small, the WHOLE must be healed, not just a part. If you have a wart on your foot that refuses to be removed, a doctor will suggest you burn it off with ice or surgery, which can be painful. An Energy Worker might suggest that you should meditate, balance your energies, eat some specific foods that help to get rid of excessive sweat (that tends to attract warts) and to apply an organic herbal topical cream to the wart.

Which sounds better to you? A quick fix that usually only gets rid of the wart temporarily and could be painful or risky? Or spending a bit of energy getting your self back into harmony with the world and watching the wart disappear after a few weeks as if by magic? I’d choose the latter myself… But maybe thats just me… =)

So far, there are very few ailments or dis eases that Energy Work cannot heal. A skilled Energy Worker is usually very well versed in most “modern medicine” practices, so as to be aware of conflicts in treatment, alternative treatments or complimentary treatments that can work with modern medicine. This gives them the innate ability to delve through the WHOLE that is “you” and fish out that living human being you once were. Where as most white coats go to look up their best guess of your ailment in a book and then send you home with some pharmaceuticals (most of which have potentially fatal side effects, even for little things).

I don’t want to discredit the ENTIRE modern medicine indutry. There are plenty of very compassionate, observant, skilled and wise white coats that practice modern medicine in a way that resembles Energy Medicine. Though that almost pulls them out of the label of “modern medicine” in many ways, because they are largely the aged and experienced class of doctors who cost an arm and a leg to see and whom realize that you cannot just “band aide the body” and hope everything is all better later down the road.

Aside from the minority of doctors that have the experience and expertise to really help a person, many have had the experience of a wide majority of white coats that act similarly in demeanor to backyard mechanics who’ve never even taken the time to expand their knowledge outside of what they can see and feel directly. Guessing as to what is wrong and then issuing a “cure” when they don’t know what caused the distress or illness.

In the Energy Worker industry, Modern Medicine is widely seen as a Complimentary Therapy to their work when no other options are available. It is also great for emergency situation, such as severe hemoraging, broken bones or bad accidents. Even at that rate, the best it’s for is to lighten the initial load of pain and to handle any immediate life threatening ailments or distress.

The sad part, is that with all the advances that Modern Medicine can offer, without the Mind-Body-Spirit conection, they can only work to quell symptoms and hope for an accidental cure here and there. All the advances in the world cannot separate the body from the mind, or either of those two from the spirit, which means that all the modern advances in the world can’t cure a person of hardly anything.

That isn’t to say that energy medicine can cure anything either, but one of the other great advantages of Energy Medicine, is that few Energy Workers claim they can cure or “Fix” anything. One of the prime principals is that only the individual can heal their bodies. The only thing a Doctor, Alternative Practitioner or Energy Worker can do is be the medium that helps guide the person to that WHOLE healing.

Modern Medicine used to be like that for a time. Doctors were simply those individuals who had a passion for human biology and medicine and were there for those in the community who needed some guidance to staying healthy. Sadly though, modern medicine has greatly become a science of “pharmaceutical cures”. Some of those pharmaceuticals have helped people greatly, but at what cost?

Much of these “costs” involved with modern medicine, both figuratively and literally, are a portion of the reason that so many individuals are seeking alternative routes to Wholesome Health Care. There are not many forms of health care available anymore that offer affordable, safe and balanced healing in this century. Energy Medicine and many of the best alternative health pracitces were excluded from the special Health Care bill, which clearly shows that the bill had little to do with the true health of America.

Even with that in mind, the cost of Energy Medicine is still largely dwarfed by the stack of numbers involved with insurance aided health care. The average family can’t afford the cheapest insurance premiums ability under the HC bill, but they can afford the yearly penalty and the low costs of Energy Medicine. On top of which, they walk away with life skills and practices that keep them healthy and balanced.

Most forms of Energy Healing actually work to teach you to heal yourself and keep yourself in harmony with the world, which helps to keep costs down even more because you’ll hardly need to see your Healer, besides to say thank you and “hello” often because you like too. =)

Lower Costs

Wholesome Healing

Longterm Benefits

Low Risks

Organic Medicines

Healing Focuses (not money/product focused)

Practitioners who really care and have a Passion for helping YOU

Life Guidance you can feel happy about passing on to your children

What more could you ask for in a Healer?

On top of all this, even with the “golden energy medicine rush” that has been jump started the Energy Medicine industry higher then ever before, there are still low client to healer ratios due to the monopoly and propaganda of modern medicine. This means that the healer you seek out, is not likely to be flooded by hundreds or thousands of other patients on a regular basis, leaving them the brain power to actually remember your name easily and know exactly who you are and what your past history of healing with them is, without having check their files every time.

~             ~               ~               ~              ~                ~              ~              ~             ~             ~              ~             ~

With all these benefits and the significantly low risks involved in the industry of Energy Medicine, I will leave it up to you, the Reader and Perceiver to decide. Is this strikingly large increase in the demand for Energy Healers just another “fad”? Or have the people found the real path to healing?

Do you think the industry and practice of WHOLE HEALING will put Modern Medicine to shame in the comming years?

I certainly believe so…


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