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Strange And Weird College Courses

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Universities offering weird and unusual classes?  Does anybody remember when going to college meant learning about a career that you wanted to do with the rest of your life?  Now, everybody who goes to college knows that there are general education requirements that everybody must take in order to complete their degree requirements.  There are, however, many “open” credits which are basically any class you want to take, the credits will go towards.  For the last several decades, most people would generally take a class that is either in their major or in their minor if they are pursuing one with these credits.  This trend is now going the opposite direction in that most college students are only looking for classes where an easy “A” is achievable with little or no effort.  And the funny thing is that colleges are responding to the student’s wishes and creating unbelievable courses which are both unique and funny that they are even offered.  Below is a list of some of the classes that I found online which are still being offered at major Universities.  Please don’t laugh as the students in these classes are our next leaders……God help us.

Beer and Other Alcohol Courses — (anybody else find this very weird and strange to be teaching our kids about how to drink basically?)

The Art and Science of Beer— Course basically consists of beer history and what other things beer has been used for over the centuries mostly in the scientific field.  (Indiana University)

Campus Culture and Drinking — Course consists of reasons culturally and socially why most students engage in underage drinking while in college.  (Duke University)

International Beverage Education — Course consists of the history of all alcoholic beverages and what countries drink what, along with what is socially acceptable when it comes to drinking in different countries.  (Oklahoma State University)

Sports Courses — (Just want we needed, more weird and strange courses on sports)

Sports for the Spectator — Course consists of all of the sports in American society that have large attendances at each game (spectators).  Major concentrations on the big four in sports — hockey, football, baseball and basketball but every sport will be examined.  (Ohio State University)

Cheerleading in American Culture — Course consists of breaking the stereotypes set in American society about cheerleaders.  Students are taught to see cheerleaders more openly and not prejudge participants.  (University of Alabama)

American Golf – Aristocratic Pastime or the People’s Game— Golf is looked at to see if the sport is only for the rich and privileged.  (Carnegie Mellon University)

Frisbee – Not only do students get to play the sport but they also learn its history.  (Western Connecticut State University)

Juggling I and II — Self Explanatory.  (University of Oregon)

Implements of War with Sharp Objects — Course consists of training students how to use such items as daggers, swords and other sharp combat weapons.  Also history of these weapons is looked at.  (Northern Kentucky University)

Just Plain Old Strange and Weird Courses

Elvis Anthology — Course consists of exploring Elvis’s work and how his music made other singers famous.  (University of Iowa)

Witchcraft and Politics— Course consists of exploring witchcraft and other cult religions to see what political and social ramifications such groups have.  (Bucknell University)

Shopping: Desire and Consumption — Course relays the history of shopping and goes though society’s stores from small shops to gigantic malls.  Also looked at is people’s desire to shop and reasons why.  (Williams College)

How To be Gay — Course looks at homosexuality not being a desire but actually a preference in movies, music and other cultural forms.  (University of Michigan)

Star Trek And Religion — Course is set in the future but debates are issues that are either currently going on or have in the past.  (Indiana University)

Introduction to Leisure/How to Relax — 2 course here.  Introduction to Leisure is a course where laid back activities are explored and the methods to do them.  How to relax course consists of some relaxation ideas such as meditation, yoga and other non-stressful methods  (Kent State University) (University of Iowa)

The History of African American Hair Styles — Course consists of just what the name suggests.  (Stanford University)

Underwater Fire Prevention — Not exactly sure what this course would involve but I guess scuba diving would be a component.  (University of Louisiana-Monroe)

Pranks: Methods and Social Ramifications— Course looks at methods of pranking people and the consequences of doing it.  (St. Mary’s College)

History of TupacShakur — Self-explanatory.  (University of California-Berkeley)

Dukes of Hazzard and its Social Significance— Course looks at how the Dukes of Hazzard was perceived by both the white and black cultures in America.  (University of Alabama)

That completes my list of some of the strange and weird courses to find in Universities these days.  I am sure there are plenty more out there but this gives you an example of why we are paying big money to send our kids to school.  I mean, thank God that our students are being taught something useful.  What, you don’t agree?


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