Wednesday, December 13

Cool Things on Ti-84 Other Than Games

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Note: For the majority of these you will need a link cable to link your calculator to your computer.  Also, you may need the latest version of TI-Connect.

  • Listen to Music Whoa, I bet you never even thought that your calculator could listen to music on your calculator.  But you can!  It’s not as functional as an MP3 player, of course, because the terrible sound quality and you can only have ~1 song at a time.  You may be wondering where you will plug the headphones into.  Well, the TI-83 and 84 both have a 2.5 mm port in them.  2.5 mm headphones (commonly used inphones) can be plugged into these.  However, if you don’t have 2.5mm headphones, you will need an adapter.  The cheapest place to get one of these is here.  After you get that, you will need to download the program called RealSound.  You can get this here.  Follow the instructions in the readme file included to create the Song App file.  Transfer this to your calculator and play it.  You should hear music.
  • Connect USB Devices On the TI-84, TI added a mini USB port.  If you get the right adapter you can use this port to use some of your gaming devices with the calculator.  This means that you don’t have to buy the expensive TI keyboard to be able to type on the calculator.  You will need a male mini USB to female USB adapter.  The cheapest place to get one of these is here.  From here you will need to install manyapplications onto your calculator.  USBDRV8X  USBTools  MSD8X.  USBDRV8X is the base program.  You will need it for the others to work.  MSD8X will allow you to connect a mass storage device (i.e. a flash drive) to your calculator for added memory.  This is very convenient if you need MORE games on hand for your calculator or even more MUSIC, as described above.  USBTools contains a demo of most of the things you can do with USB.  A mouse demo, a keyboard demo, gamepad demo, etc.  Some games, like Phoenix, will allow you to use a GamePad with them.
  • Display Pictures TI-ScreenCapture lets you do a wonderful thing with image files.  It allows you to convert JPG (or most other image files) into files that the TI-84/83 can read and display.  It will convert them to monochrome 96 by 63 pixels.  This means that the image must be really zoomed in to make out almost anything, however it’s still impressive to show to friends.  Download the ScreenCapture Application here.  After you have it downloaded, open up a JPG file of your choice with ScreenCapture.  Then, go to File>Save As.  On the drop down menu, select *.8xi and hit save.  Look at your image.  You will notice that it is stretched to fit the screen, if necessary, take the original file in MS Paint and crop/rotate it until it matches the screen proportions closer.
    After you have it on the calculator, it’s easier to see if you set the calculatorgrey_loader.gif

     down and take several steps back to look at it.  It will look 10 times better.

  • Take Notes It’s pretty common, but if you didn’t know about it, it can be convenient.  You can take notes on your calculator called NoteFolio.  Download the program here.  Put the app onto the calculator.  From there it’s pretty self explanatory.

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