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Are You Earning Money At Mylot

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MyLot is an online community that pays you for participating in discussions, completing tasks, referrals and posting images. When your balance reaches $10, you are eligible to receive payment to your Paypal account.

Everyone loves to make extra money, and you do not need to be a professional writer in order to earn.

Posting links that relate to content you have created at your other sites. MyLot has thousands of discussion topics to you started posting and responding to threads.  Participating in these discussions can earn you instant income the very next day.  Do not expect to see a few dollars after your first day. It will be more like a few cents.

Earnings at MyLot are pennies. The payout is low, but overtime you will start to earn.  One of the main things about MyLot that is great is you are able to view your earnings the very next day. Keep working to improve your reputation at MyLot. Your Reputation is denoted by a number inside a star next to your name. You receive a star after reaching a rating of 100.  As your start rating increases, you will have a better chance of earning more income gradually. 

Make friends on MyLot! Respond to discussions, and search for people with similar interests When you log onto MyLot, there is a separate section showing threads your friends have started. When you respond to your friends’ discussion threads, they will respond to yours as well.  Making friends on MyLot helps each other and increases your payments in the process.


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