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Social Justice And Human Freedom – Psychology Studies Based on Dream Translation

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Dreams are very important images and scenes that contain messages sent by the wise unconscious mind that produces them.

Once you learn the dream language, you’ll verify that by dreaming and translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method you’ll have the support of the unconscious mind.

Pay attention to your dreams, and you’ll always remember them. Keep a dream journal and write down your dreams regularly. Also keep a diary so that you can cross reference the most important facts of your day back to your dreams.

The unconscious mind answers all your questions in dreams giving you tips and solutions for your daily problems, besides curing your psyche and your body.

The dreaming system gives you information in a symbolic form, observing your mistakes and faults, in order to correct your behavior.

The fight between your human conscience and the wild side of your conscience that wants to control your behavior is the main theme of many dreams. This fight is represented by dream scenes of prosecution and great danger for you, the dreamer.

Your wild side should never take over your psyche. Your human conscience has to decide what you should do. However, since your conscience is ignorant and selfish, you have to follow the guidance of the wise unconscious mind in your dreams.

You should not try to fulfill your ego’s absurd desires, but think about all the other people who depend on your actions.

Psychology studies based on dream translation reveal that sensitivity gives us balance and humanity, while our cruel rationalism may mislead us with absurd ideas generated by our wild side.

The mentality of our modern civilization is basically individualistic. The human being seeks freedom and self-fulfillment, but is depressed living under the pressure of many obligations, lacking the time necessary to accomplish all that needs to be done and thus unsatisfied with his or her empty life. This life remains stagnant without any progress or evolution to a higher more satisfying level of existence.

Our absurd world is a place where complete mental health is a utopia. The biggest part of the population is suffering without the basic conditions for their survival. This situation can only increase the formation of mental illnesses and stifle all attempts to cure mentally ill patients.

How can the human being find peace and happiness in a place where there is no social justice, and where terrorism, violence, immorality and hypocrisy prevail? How can terrible mental illnesses be eliminated if so many people don’t respect their moral principals because they are hungry?

We cannot expect to see a hungry man being peaceful, the same way that we cannot expect to see a hungry lion peacefully accepting its hunger.

Our absurd civilization has absurd demands from its population. We cannot live happily this way.

The unconscious mind will show you the entire truth and how you can find real freedom, without being limited by the general absurdity of our civilization. You will also learn how you can help the world find peace with your work and your wisdom.


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