How to Write a Letter of Resignation

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Inevitably, we all come to that time in our careers that we need to leave our job. This is usually a very stressful event even when we are leaving for what we hope will be an even better job. Before you hand in that letter of resignation, keep this in mind:

Your letter of resignation does not have to be 200 words or more. It should be short, sweet and to the point. That means keep it simple, factual and humble. Keep this in mind as we go to step two.

Now that you have a game plan, lets get started with the “short”. Your letter should say you are resigning and when you plan to leave. You don’t have to explain where you are going or give specifics on why you are leaving. Your Manager probably could not care less why your leaving, they only care that now they are going to have the awful task of finding a replacement for you.

Now for the “sweet”. No matter how much you may hate the job you are leaving or your Manager or coworkers, never hint at that in your letter of resignation. Instead, tell how grateful you are to have had the opportunity to work with for such a great company and how much you’ve enjoyed working with the team and you will miss them all terribly. Don’t lay it on thick, just say something nice. Remember, you are leaving and there is nothing to gain by airing your negative feelings. Besides, you never know what life will bring you on your next job. You could get the same boss you just left on your next gig. Karma!


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