Monday, December 11

Squared Circle Blog Vince Vs. The Volcano

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All thats going on in the world of the WWE and TNA.

“ squared Circle Blog”

Big things going on since last we talked. Rumors of a shakeup in TNA creative with Paul Heyman being marked to come and take Russo’s place. There is also big rumors that Jim Ross , who’s contract is about to expire , might also be headed TNA’s way soon. We had an above average PPV this past Sunday with the best match being Angle vs. Anderson in a cage. We had without the best overall Impact the next night with RVD beating Jeff Hardy and then beating AJ Styles to win TNA Gold while the WWE had to play role reversal with the Raw crew stuck in Ireland .

Vince Russo has been whining about being burned out and wants to be moved out of creative and into another area of the company . Well he’s marginally qualified to write this stuff so if he doesn’t want to do that what else can he do. This show is looking more and more like WCW and while that in theory isn’t a bad thing , it just isn’t pulling the numbers it should . They really need to bring in Heyman to help out. Heyman’s fresh Eyes on the whole situation will do more to pump up the numbers in the long run then anything else they can do.

JR ‘s extension runs out the 30th of this month and while I still think that it’s a fairly big long shot , JR has no real love for Vince and he knows that it would Chap Vince’s A## if he popped up on a Impact show doing a little commentating . JR could also be a big boost to creative and talent development . His healthis a big issue , but it isn’t something they cant work around . The travel schedule would be lighter and he knows most of the top people there

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