Wednesday, December 13

Help When Starting Up Your Own Business (Advertising)

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Are you looking to start up your own business but unsure of how to advertise it without spending a fortune?

When you look at starting up your own business one of the tings you have to think about is advertising it. This can be expensive.

If you don’t have much start-up capital you need to spread it across all start-up costs the best you can and so saving on advertising while getting potential customers to know your there is a must.

There is a great site called vistaprint where you can get some basic advertising items
for just the cost of postage.

You can get 250 free business cards and you do get a basic choice of forty two different designs. If you wish to use one of their other designs it is 12.99 for 250 this is a cost of just over 5p per card. If you wish to use your own logo it will cost 16.48 for 250. You will find that you will have to pay postage costs for delivery but this is usually only a small amount considering and with Vista you have a choice of price depending on how quick you want them.

All you have to do is go to their website select the Free Business Card option, Choose your design, Enter your text in the text boxes provided, select the on-line proof approval box and click next. It will then ask you to sign up and enter your details once you have done this select 250 for free, Free Matt finish, Vista print back (first option on this page), Bypass the next few pages until you come to your cart which should show your free business cards. You now have your checkout options, they use pay pal which is my usual payment option. Just pick your option the follow the instructions and choose your delivery option. Your done and your Business cards will be printed and on their way shortly. While you are there why not take a look at there other free products as they do free pens and car door magnets.

This is info on the English site but as they are a multi national company you should be able to use them wherever you are.

Advertising on the Internet is another good way to get customers that does not have to cost you a penny.

There are business search engines out there that do not charge for you to add you business, one of the most well known being Google. Just click on Put your business on Google Maps and enter your business details.

Another good tool on the Internet is a website where you can tell people about your business and what you do. When you first start out just get yourself a free site as you can still do lots with them.


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