Tuesday, December 12

Square Circle Blog; Booking The Show, Hbk Vs. Taker

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“ Squared circle Blog”

WM26, Booking the Show, HBK vs. Undertaker , Legacy , and other bits of News.

The biggest show of the season is in the books and I have to say while it was certainly much better then last years show ,I have to wonder some of the booking moves that were made . The feature main event delivered with HBK and the Dead man putting on a show that didn’t top their first encounter, it came dam close. When all is said and done, the streak lives on for another year, and the Heart Break Kid fades into the sunset. The Dead man showed a great deal of class by shaking HBK’s hand Sunday night and coming out to tip his hat just before Shawn’s goodbye speech on Raw Monday. The thing is with both of the WWE’s Main draws out for an extended period of time , who is the main feud going to be .

Starting out the show, Show Miz took on Morrison and R Truth . First step up from last year was the fact that the tag belts were defended . Decent enough match but it was way to short . And the whole thing just proves what I have been blogging about for the past two years , Tag teams are dead in the WWE. I remember A time when Tag teams were a great way to evaluate talent and see who is ready to be a singles wrestler . Its also a good way to stretch out some use of people who may be hurt and not up to wrestling on their own . HBK is a prime example. Who really new back when he super Kicked Marty Jannety through the barbershops window that he would go on to the career he has had. It’s just a shame that the likes of the Hart foundation , the Rockers , and the British Bulldogs have given way to throwaway teams like Show Miz and Jerishow

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