Dangers of blogging

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Blogging can be one of the most enjoyable activities that a person can engage in. Through blogging, you can share your views with the entire world. You can meet new and interesting people that share an interest. You can learn all sorts of things and interact with all sorts of individuals. Blogging can, in some cases, even be profitable for the blogger. Still, there are some dangers of blogging that you should keep in mind.

One of the dangers of blogging is, like any other hobby or activity, the danger of spending too much time doing it. This isn’t unique to blogging, or to the Internet. There are folks that spend too much time watching television or building model trains. Unless a hobby like blogging is interfering with your work or with your other interpersonal relationships, you are probably fine blogging just as often as you want.

Another danger of blogging is that it is possible to spend quite a bit of money doing it without receiving any remuneration. While you can blog for free at sites like Blogger or LiveJournal, many bloggers spend money on blog services or on blog-related products. These products and services are fine, if they meet a real need or if you are able to recover the cost of these things by making money on your blog. When a blog becomes a money pit, however, there is some degree of danger.

Not understanding how blogs work or how the blogosphere operates can create the danger of disappointment for a blogger. You might write the greatest posts in the world and never have anyone see them because you don’t know how to market your blog to draw people to it. Understanding some of the ideas behind blogging, such as social bookmarking and commenting, can help you to avoid the danger of disappointment.

A final danger to consider in regard to blogging is the exposure that blogging creates. In some cases, people blog about their personal lives and identities without realizing that there are folks out there with bad intentions who might wish to steal their identities or cause harm to them or their families. While this doesn’t happen often, it certainly is a potential danger.

For the most part, these dangers shouldn’t be enough to keep you from blogging. By being aware of these dangers, you can be ready to recognize them if they actually occur.


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