Left unnoticed

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It has been said that blood is thicker than water. I only have one sibling, and he was the one who always had the privilege of almost everything from my mom. Everything he wanted was laid at his own feet. I was the abandoned one who always was referred to as the black sheep of the family. I strived so hard proving to them that they are so damn wrong about it. I became so independent from them, striving so hard to finish my studies. Even if salary was a little bit small, I always gave almost 70% of it to them, but appreciation wasn’t that given. The reality strucked me like lightning that I was of little value to my family. 

Whenever my family encounter troubles like health problems, it is I who would like be the hero on the run. I am always there to attend their needs. On the other hand, their favorite son, just gave no help at all. He just earn for his own living for he already have a family with two kids. Sometimes, I could tolerate and understand his situation. But there comes this point that I couldn’t accept, that is his coming home from Dubai. His reasons are so irresponsible, pathetic and stupid. My concern is that, what would he support to his family needs and daily living budget, would it be that for the second time around he would seek the help of my mother? I feel so terrible and pissed with the idea. I am also earning outside our country, as an engineer here in Japan. I am still single at the age of 26. This age should have been married, but due to my dreams, I disregarded a long time ago what I want and need.

I just hope the heavens would forgive me on cursing my brother for his actions and decisions.


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