How to Make a Great Hot Toddy

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One of the things I love most about winter time is enjoying a Great Hot Toddy. Are you having trouble falling asleep? Feel like you might be catching a little cold? Have you just been cold all day and can’t shake it off? Then a Great Hot Toddy is just what you need to knock that chill off and feel warm inside!

Although you can probably find tons of Toddy recipes on the internet, I will share with you my favorite one. One sip and I bet you will agree, this is the perfect winter drink for adults! Remember this drink is an adult beverage meaning it contains distilled spirits, so please follow all applicable laws in the jurisdiction where you live. Now, go to your local ABC store or liquor store and purchase a bottle of E and J Brandy.

Now go to your local market and buy a box of Alpine Spiced Cider. It is in the aisle with the Hot Cocoa and Tea. If you have tried Spiced Cider before and you dont like it, then buy a box of Bigelow Orange & Spice Herb Tea. Now head for home!

Okay, to make the Great Hot Toddy you need to boil some water in your tea pot. Get out a coffee cup, and then remove the cap to the bottle of Brandy. Pour one to two caps of Brandy into the coffee cup. Now empty one packet of Spiced Cider into the cup, then add hot water and stir. If you want to subsitute the Herb Tea for the Cider, just follow the same steps.

Now sit down, relax and warm up with a Great Hot Toddy!


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